Thrown into adulthood


“Growing up today is like sliding down a water flume…”

Check out this short, one-page article I was asked to write for a special “Millennial issue” of Performance 360, Professional Nonprofit Magazine.

Click here to see my article, The Ambiguity of Modern Adulthood 

Thanks to “Matthew” (not his real name) for his great analogy and honest perspective about some of today’s challenges of young adulthood.

Click here to see the entire March issue of Performance 360 Magazine

Do you think the first 20 years of life are actually preparing people for the realities of today’s society? Tell me what you think

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2 Responses to Thrown into adulthood

  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks Drew!
    A well timed article and noteworthy in its content and context.

    There are shadows all around us. Becoming aware of them and facing them head on often reveals aspects of ourselves we need to know to forge ahead with the life we want (or think we want)…no matter what our age. I agree, mentoring and coaching are very viable solutions to overcome the obstacles many millennials are facing today.

    Keep up the good work, stay the course! We need you!

  2. Casey says:

    “Ejected into the water.”

    Yes, that’s accurate. I’m almost 30, have 4 kids, and I’m STILL working on my identity. Even at my young age, it’s been really helpful to meet with younger men and ‘mentor’ them. I also make time to spend with other guys in my similar age and situation. It’s encouraging to know there are others facing the same challenges I am, and that what I’ve learned from my own failures and successes can by valuable to others.

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