Prepare a Future, developmental indiviudalization

Vision for the future.

Prepare a Future℠ is currently only offered through individual hire, one-on-one coaching. Although, a burgeoning Prepare a Future℠ team is ready to do more. Several years ago, a for-credit beta version of the curriculum was offered at Virginia Tech as a part of another program for graduate students.

However, we would like to pilot an independent, two year Prepare a Future℠ program intended for the 18-25 age range in a college environment.

Proposed Prepare a Future℠ Pilot– This is a short piece that was designed to propose a pilot program to be housed in a university environment such as VCU. (*Prepare a Future is currently not affiliated with VCU).

Additionally, I hold a vision for a more comprehensive Prepare a Future℠ Center or Institute.  Prepare a Future℠ Institute (Diagram)

Prepare a Future Current Strategy and Key Points – See my current strategy for Prepare a Future and a few goals moving forward. Also includes the key points of my thesis as to why such program is needed.

Contact me if you would like to invest or help bring this vision to fruition.

What is this delay in adulthood? Is it real?

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