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Prepare a Future Workbook

Finally, the Prepare a Future Workbook is available on Amazon. Who’s it for? Growing numbers of intelligent young adults are caught in a malaise of indecision and anxiety about their futures. This workbook is ideal for those in their early to … Continue reading

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Twenties BeatDown and Prepare a Future mentioned in another new book

The Twenties BeatDown and Prepare a Future are mentioned in a new academic book. Identity Formation, Youth, and Development: A Simplified Approach¹ is a fresh book focused on the complex identity issues that young people face coming of age in contemporary society. Professors James Côté and Charles Levine cut … Continue reading

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A decade back, a decade forward

Some people have asked me how everything I’ve been working on over the last decade fits together and where it’s going. Here’s a response to that question as a summary of my work and some direction forward: Over the last … Continue reading

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