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What are you doing with your life?

“I just graduated,” my waitress tells me as I’m sitting in a college town restaurant. “What are you going to do?” I ask. She gives me this glance of disappointment, looks down at her server apron, then glares back at me. Then … Continue reading

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Integrity – Staying true to who you are

A couple months ago, I wrote about Scott who was faced with an ethical dilemma when his boss told him, “Sometimes ethics and business don’t mix.” Scott was standing at a crossroads: to upsell needless, more expensive products which would … Continue reading

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A decade back, a decade forward

Some people have asked me how everything I’ve been working on over the last decade fits together and where it’s going. Here’s a response to that question as a summary of my work and some direction forward: Over the last … Continue reading

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The Twenties BeatDown® book   –   Like  The Twenties BeatDown on Facebook “Are you subscribed to Drew’s semi-annual blog?” My friend quipped to his wife, mocking me about how infrequently I blog. It just takes me some time to ruminate on a few topics … Continue reading

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7. Political impression

What impression might a foreigner visiting from another planet gather from the American political process? A culture that prizes leaders who can exalt themselves and their accomplishments the best while simultaneously trying to make the other leader out to be the biggest liar. … Continue reading

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6. Shaping influences–human development

Picture two plants of the same species growing in two different environments. One seed is planted in a protected inland area with soft, rich soil and moderate water. Another grows on a rocky cliff near a sea with relentless winds. … Continue reading

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2. What are we shaping?

Is education really educating? Or has main-stream education fallen more into a results-driven machine with the goal of producing test scores, college rankings, and the like? Though my last post had ‘college’ in the title, I’m considering the broader institutions … Continue reading

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