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Twenties BeatDown and Prepare a Future mentioned in another new book

The Twenties BeatDown and Prepare a Future are mentioned in a new academic book. Identity Formation, Youth, and Development: A Simplified Approach¹ is a fresh book focused on the complex identity issues that young people face coming of age in contemporary society. Professors James Côté and Charles Levine cut … Continue reading

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5. Economic reality?

There are so many unfortunate realities presented in this comic. Think about the quandary of the Millennial Generation: not only do many young American’s face their own personal student debt, but they also bear an incredible national debt of over … Continue reading

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4. Climbing the stairs — to what?

Pretend all you have ever known is how to climb stairs. From a young age you were trained to scramble up stairs really quickly with great agility; you are most familiar with interior staircases found in any skyscraper which you … Continue reading

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3. What’s the product of education?

When we become too focused on the product, we may miss the purpose. Hyper-focus on a product usually stems from a desire to produce results (sales, rankings, or scores). How many times in business or athletics have organizations become so transfixed … Continue reading

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2. What are we shaping?

Is education really educating? Or has main-stream education fallen more into a results-driven machine with the goal of producing test scores, college rankings, and the like? Though my last post had ‘college’ in the title, I’m considering the broader institutions … Continue reading

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