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Prepare a Future Workbook

Finally, the Prepare a Future Workbook is available on Amazon. Who’s it for? Growing numbers of intelligent young adults are caught in a malaise of indecision and anxiety about their futures. This workbook is ideal for those in their early to … Continue reading

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Twenties BeatDown and Prepare a Future mentioned in another new book

The Twenties BeatDown and Prepare a Future are mentioned in a new academic book. Identity Formation, Youth, and Development: A Simplified Approach¹ is a fresh book focused on the complex identity issues that young people face coming of age in contemporary society. Professors James Côté and Charles Levine cut … Continue reading

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What are you doing with your life?

“I just graduated,” my waitress tells me as I’m sitting in a college town restaurant. “What are you going to do?” I ask. She gives me this glance of disappointment, looks down at her server apron, then glares back at me. Then … Continue reading

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Integrity – Staying true to who you are

A couple months ago, I wrote about Scott who was faced with an ethical dilemma when his boss told him, “Sometimes ethics and business don’t mix.” Scott was standing at a crossroads: to upsell needless, more expensive products which would … Continue reading

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Twenties BeatDown mentioned in new book

The Twenties BeatDown™ is mentioned twice in the revised and updated edition of Generation Me (2014) by researcher and author Jean Twenge PhD. “Drew Lichtenberger…called the pervasive malaise of his generation “the twenties beatdown”—and that was before the late 2000 recession. When … Continue reading

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Thrown into adulthood

  “Growing up today is like sliding down a water flume…” Check out this short, one-page article I was asked to write for a special “Millennial issue” of Performance 360, Professional Nonprofit Magazine. Click here to see my article, The Ambiguity … Continue reading

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Ethical dilemma–What would you do?

After college, Scott took a retail sales job in technology products. Despite his excellent customer service scores, after several months his managers pulled him aside for slouching sales. The managers asked him what could be done to help boost his … Continue reading

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A decade back, a decade forward

Some people have asked me how everything I’ve been working on over the last decade fits together and where it’s going. Here’s a response to that question as a summary of my work and some direction forward: Over the last … Continue reading

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Do you ever question your identity or purpose?

[Modified excerpt from Chapter One of the Twenties BeatDown™ Book] “I just want to do the right thing, but I don’t always know what that is.” Connor is a very insightful, intelligent 22-year-old, in and out of community college still … Continue reading

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9. Does social media isolate us?

When I first got on Facebook in 2005, after being “sucked in,” I began to foresee the possible negative effect of social media on humans. I wondered what the impact of ‘relational technology’ (social media, texting, chat, etc.) would have … Continue reading

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